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Welcome to coolma.in, one of the reliable websites to buy therapy mattresses. Please read our terms and conditions before visiting other pages of our site to buy our products. You have to comply with our terms and conditions to continue using our website. Moreover, these T&Cs enable us to grant rights, limit our liabilities, and provide some indemnities. To access our website and buy our products, you need to acknowledge that you will agree to our T&Cs.

Intellectual Property

Our website includes different types of content like scripts, files, illustrations, photos, graphics, videos, and URLs. We have intellectual rights to the content that we own. Moreover, trademarks trade names, present at our site, are solely owned by Coolma. You have some limited usage rights over the content.

Coolma also reserves the right to modify terms and conditions at any time. We occasionally revise them and update them. Our team does it, especially when upgrading our website and adding functionality.

Usage and accessibility of our website

We permit you to use our website and its content for non-commercial and personal purposes. 

While using our site, you have to comply with national, local, and state laws. You must not distribute, reproduce, and create any derivative works. However, in some instances, we give consent to our visitors to print and download the website content. You must acknowledge that you will not acquire ownership rights by printing and downloading our web content. You should not alter, remove, cover, and distort any trademark, copyright, and other proprietary rights.

Moreover, you must refrain from disabling and interfering with security features of our site. You should not restrict the use of our content and enforce a limitation on using our website.

Other activities that you must not do-

  • Using an automatic device  and manual process to scrape and the website content for different purposes without our written permission
  • Collecting the PII of other website users (such as, their passwords, names, and email addresses)
  • Soliciting others to join any commercial online service
  • Attempting to impair and disable the functionality of our site
  • Decompiling and disassembling any part of our site
  • Using our network-monitoring software to identify our data
  • Encouraging activities that violate any criminal and civil law
  • Engaging in any conduct, which restricts any user from enjoying our site

Third-party links and website content

At Coolma, we provide our content for promotional and informative purposes. However, you have the liability to check the timeliness, usefulness, and accuracy of our website content. Moreover, under no circumstances, we will be responsible for damage and loss caused by the website content and user content.

Our website also includes some content published by third parties, and it discloses the views of those third parties. We never warrant and endorse the content of the third parties. Thus, we are not liable for the reliability and accuracy of their opinions.

When any conflict arises between our website users, we will not get involved in it. We never control, and operate the third-party website’s content.

Our site never provides any type of medical advice to users. Therefore, no part of our website content serves the purpose of providing professional treatment and medical tips. We always encourage users to connect with qualified physicians to cure any health issue.


You must hold harmless Coolma and its employees, affiliates, partners, and directors against any claims and liabilities. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by the website’s user content and your use of our site. You must agree to cooperate with us to protect claim.


We have the right to suspend your account on our platform when you do not comply with our terms and conditions. Our company will not be responsible for the sudden termination of your access to the site. We may send a notification to your registered email about the termination.

Copyright policy

Coolma respects others’ intellectual property rights and anticipates that its users will not violate the rule. In some scenarios, Coolma can terminate your membership when you have infringed copyrights law. We will also prevent you from accessing any material on our site.

These are our T&Cs, and you can read this page regularly to find any update.