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Everything To Know About CoolMa Therapy Mat

Therapy mats are intended to achieve the same outcomes as therapeutic massage. Therapy is a methodology used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to unleash blocked chi (Qi), or vitality, all through the body. Anguish may be decreased or eliminated after these obstructions are addressed. Therapy mats include hundreds of plastic points that provide force to several therapy sites in the back. Therapy pillows can also be utilized on the neck, forehead, hands, or toes. Therapy mats are presently being used by many individuals to relieve back problems and migraines.

There isn’t a lot of study on therapy mats particularly, although some modest studies demonstrate that they can help with pain relief. Many customers also vouch for favorable outcomes. Therapy mats, as opposed to conventional acupuncture, which normally includes small needles into specific regions of the body, deliver non-invasive force to the body. Therapy is generally considered to be highly safe. While studies on therapy for weight reduction are limited, current evidence shows that therapy may be helpful weight reduction therapies.

Why Therapy Mats?

Therapy mats are one of the simplest methods for treating muscular discomfort and are even beneficial in treating chronic pain. While you have a therapy mat at home, it will be much easier to begin therapy treatment when you are experiencing muscular discomfort. These CoolMa Therapy Mats are safe to use and promote greater blood circulation, allowing you to relax your aching muscles in a matter of minutes. Some of the advantages of these mats, as well as popular ones that you can purchase online, are given below. Use the mats as advised to relieve your discomfort.

  • These mats aid in blood flow and might even leave your skin smoother.
  • Using a therapy pad can help you reduce tension, nervousness, and even your blood pressure.
  • Aside from relieving muscular tension and back pain, consistent usage of a therapy mat can also aid in the treatment of chronic aches without the use of drugs.
  • Employing a therapy mat enhances your sleep schedule and allows you to sleep peacefully every night.

CoolMa Therapy mats have all of the above qualities. They have only one goal to provide valued customers with the best of their service.

Comfortable CoolMa Therapy Mat

CoolMa Therapy mats are portable and simple to use. It aids in the removal of pollutants from the body through sweat and stimulates blood circulation deep into the tissues. CoolMa Therapy mats also help to relieve aches and pains by tightening the muscles around the joints. We sell the highest quality treatment massage items for human body assistance. We guarantee a perfect outcome. Our testimonials and advantages speak for themselves.

Our vision is to help individuals be happy and active via the application of therapeutic massage. The CoolMa treatment mats are simple to use; you may place them in your living room, bathroom, or even your home studio. You may also take the Therapy Massage mats with you when you travel. To utilize these therapeutic mats, you will require two cotton garments. One for laying a cloth and one to wrap the mattress.

Features of CoolMa Therapy Mat

CoolMa therapy mats provide a number of amazing features as listed below:

  • Therapy Mat employs Far Infrared Therapy to assist in the massage of your body. It has the ability to permeate profoundly through the skin layers to the tendons and joints. 
  • Far infrared radiation may reach up to three inches into the skin to create heat, which can give significant comfort to limbs and vital organs. 
  • They are made from precious stones and thermal therapy.
  • This infrared treatment serves a variety of functions in the human body. These include pain treatment, muscular tension reduction, weight loss, and assistance with ailments such as gout, blood pressure, fat loss, blood flow, joint pain, muscle aches, and back problems.
  • Boosts the immunological system.
  • By strengthening muscles, it alleviates joint discomfort.
  • Assist in toxin removal.
  • These mats are available in many colors and sizes and you may buy them as per your wish.
  • We also provide free home delivery.

Benefits of CoolMa Therapy Mats

CoolMa therapy mats have been designed in a way that can aid in a number of ways to its users. The benefits that the therapy map provides has been proven below:

1. Pain & Aches

Therapy was proven to help alleviate menstruation-related discomfort in a 2011 research involving 72 students in Iran. The researchers also discovered that those who used therapy to manage period pain and other menstruation symptoms used less ibuprofen.
According to the conclusions of a 2014 study on dental pain, therapy gives considerable pain alleviation. 46 of the 60 individuals experienced pain reduction after self-administered therapy treatment.
Fewer patients in the placebo group experienced long-term alleviation from dental discomfort. Researchers investigated the effects of therapy mats on reported pain in persons suffering from neck and lower back pain in a 2012 study. The research included 82 participants in total. Those who utilized therapy mats reported much less discomfort than those who did not.

2. Sleep Issues

According to a 2019 study published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, therapy did not improve sleep quality in migraine sufferers. Individuals who self-administered therapy saw a minor reduction in weariness, while the control group also experienced a reduction, although a smaller one.
Therapy mats have been linked to an improvement in quality sleep hours in older persons with Alzheimer’s disease, according to another study from 2015. This research, however, had a tiny sample size.

3. Pregnancy and Labor

According to the authors of a 2020 program of studies on therapy for chronic pain during childbirth, the most recent data shows that therapy helps lessen this discomfort. They do, however, point out that pain reduction is not always considered. According to 2017 research, while therapy may give some therapeutic benefit for persons in labor, other treatments, such as cold massage, provide more substantial pain alleviation.
There is proof that applying force to specific therapy spots might cause labor. As a result, pregnant ladies should resist using a therapy mat or getting acupuncture before week 38 of their pregnancy without first consulting with their doctor.

4. Nausea and Vomiting

Pregnant women and chemotherapy patients may benefit from utilizing therapy to manage vomiting and nausea. Pregnant women, on the other hand, should see a doctor before utilizing a therapy mat and therefore should avoid resting on their abdomen.

5. Aches

  • Foot Pain- Each foot contains over 7,000 nerve endings, and according to reflexology, different zones represent different organs. As a result, by massaging our feet, we improve circulation in those areas and stimulate the neurological system.
  • Backaches Hold both legs close to your heart and sway left and right to activate the pressure points on your lower spine.
  • Headaches Because the nape of the neck has a prominent acupuncture point for migraine (GB20), putting the therapy cushion in this location can help reduce headaches.

How To Use CoolMa Therapy Mat?

Therapy mats might be difficult to use at first but CoolMa therapy mat is very easy to use. The surges might cause irritation or agony for several minutes before warming up the body and feeling nice. To achieve the best effects, use the CoolMa mat for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Take deep breaths and calm your body intentionally.

  • Choose the surface: For beginners, the mat is commonly set out on a mattress or sofa. Intermediate and advanced users can place their mats on the floor.
  • Sit on it: You may also sit on and against the mat in a seat, so your buttocks and lower back are in close touch.
  • Begin by placing a layer across yourself and the mat: Wearing a light shirt or laying a thin cloth over the rounded spikes may help you adjust to the sensation of the mat at first. Users say they receive the best benefits when the mat comes into touch with their naked skin, but they don’t feel compelled to remove their shirts straight away.
  • Gradually lie down: Lie down on the mat with your body weight evenly spread. This will assist you in avoiding harm from the points.
  • Reposition yourself with caution: If you squirm or wiggle around on the surface, you are more likely to puncture or scrape your skin.
  • Consistently apply: Mats take some getting accustomed to, but they appear to work well for many individuals. If you like this product, persist with it and allow it some time to work.


There are some important things that every customer should keep in mind before using our CoolMa therapy mats. These points are crucial and should be carefully adhered to.

  • Mat spikes may feel tougher, especially if applied poorly. If you have thin skin, diabetes, or circulation problems, get the doctor’s approval before using a therapy mat to avoid sores or infections.
  • The majority of therapy mat producers advise against using them while pregnant.
  • You should not use a therapy mat to carry to term. Therapy during labor should only be used under the direction of a medical practitioner.
  • Therapy mats should not be used by infants, babies, or tiny children.
  • Before usage, see your doctor if you have low or high blood pressure.
  • Therapy mats should not be used in place of medical therapy or medicine.


Therapy Mats are growing in popularity nowadays and almost every third individual is utilizing them. These mats help in a number of ways starting from elevating back pain to curing sleep issues. It may be a bit uncomfortable to use in the beginning, but as you grow accustomed to it they will be the biggest comfort you can ever imagine. CoolMa therapy mats understand that every person has their own unique needs and that is why our mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs. We believe in providing the best to our customers and you can have a guaranteed result. If you wish to buy the best quality therapy mats, then we are the perfect place for you.

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