Hot Shake Therapy to Relieve Mother’s Labor Pain and Body Pain Mattress Will Be Available for Rent.

Booking Number

Surat Booking Number

8460002100 / 8460002200

All City Booking Number

93500 00266

Why Use the Coolma Heatting Therapy Mattress?

Coolma Heating Therapy Mattress Benefits

  • Heating Therapy Can Be Used on The Couch, in Bed, on The Ground.
  • The Temperature Can Be Increased or Decreased as Required.
  • Wood Smoke Does Not Bother.
  • The Color of The House Is Not Harmed. and It Is Very Easy to Use at Home.
  • Coolma Therapy Is Very Easy to Use
  • Heating Therapy Mattress Does Not Pollute the Environment.

The Old Method of Taking a Heat

  • No Need to Fire Wood or Coal
  • Wood Smoke and Uncontrolled Temperatures Will Cause Damage.
  • The Color of The House Harms the Work.
  • Simple Heating Requires More than One Person.
  • Wood Fumes Make Breathing Difficult.
  • Smoke Pollutes the Environment.
  • There Is a Very Difficult Method.

The Goal of Coolma Therapy Is to Keep Your Family Healthy

Why Choose Coolma Therapy Mattress and Its Benefits


Why Choose Coolma Therapy