Benefits Of CoolMa’s Hot Mat After Pregnancy

CoolMa is popular among people because we provide the best health and wellness products and which made us gain popularity and trust for the heat mattress provided by us in India. After pregnancy, the body can show a lot of issues as carrying a child demands a lot of nutrition, and care on the mother’s part during and after pregnancy. It is not convenient and easy to travel to hospitals and health centers to get treatment all the time, resulting in many people turning to heat therapy. 

Heat mat therapy is considered one of the most effective and popular remedies for instant chronic pain and stress relief. So, owning a heat therapy mat is the best solution after pregnancy. These mats are very affordable and easy to use. These are also known to show great results in very less time. Having a heat therapy mat is a much-preferred option by everyone these days and its demand is rising every day. Medical professionals also recommend this therapy as it is safe too.

How To Install Hot Mat Successfully?

When getting a heating mat for your home you need to know the right way to install these mattresses which is very crucial. 

It is advised for you to lay the heating mat on the subfloor area that is free from furniture that is fixed. Place heating mats in areas where using them would be easy. Fitting mat to the heated area configuration one must cut the mesh into fragments. During this be careful to not damage the heating cable in any way. Strips of the mesh should not overlap. Avoid using the same mat for heating different types of premises. Test the wires and make sure that the resistance is right using a multimeter. Be sure that the heater wires are facing down during installation. 

 And at last, make sure to read the manual guide before installing the hot therapy mat

Using Heat Treatment Mat After Pregnancy

Post-pregnancy, the mother would start having chronic pain in different parts of the body which happens after giving birth and is natural. Due to the rumors revolving around heat therapy, women worry about taking heat therapies after pregnancy but, heat therapy has been proven effective post-pregnancy to treat joint and muscle pains instantly. You need to set the magic hot mat at the right temperature and it will start doing its job you just need to relax. Relief from pain and increased blood circulation is very much needed after pregnancy and with a heat therapeutic mat, it can be possible. 

How To Use A Heating Mattress?

Therapeutic heating mats are safe to use if you know how to use them properly, or else they can harm and injure your skin as they get heated very quickly.

  • Start with the lowest temperature setting

Set the heating pad on the lowest setting when you start using it because the low setting will be enough to reduce minor pain and stiffness. You can slowly and gradually increase the temperature if the need arises.

  • Be careful if using during pregnancy

When using a hot mat for back pain, it is surely safe, however, you need to avoid prolonged exposure as overheating may pose some danger to the fetus. Overheating might end up leading to neural tube defects and other such complications.

Benefits of Using Hot Mat After Pregnancy

There are many benefits of using Hot Mats after pregnancy as this is considered one of the most effective ways to have access to heat therapy and provides instant results as well.

  • Relieves Back pain after pregnancy

The heat therapy mats are the best and most effective in curing back pain which is especially common after pregnancy. Back pain is very bothersome and painful and there is a great chance of it happening after delivering the child but heat therapy mats are the best at tackling this.

  • Postpartum depression

Women often go through postpartum depression after giving birth and this is a complex mixture of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that happens to a woman after pregnancy. This is also known as ‘Baby Blues’. This includes insomnia and makes the mother feel tired all the time. 

The mother becomes depressed and sluggish and faces many emotional issues and anxiety may be caused which can result in rapid heart rate. Although heat therapy mats are only popular among people to cure chronic pain, it also has healing properties and is known to mind your mind as well.

  • Postpartum back and knee pain

Postpartum back and knee pain is usually found in women after pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones loosen your ligaments and joints, strain the abdominal muscle which will cause pain in the abdomen or lower belly. This happens because the body goes through intense strain during contractions while giving birth. The pain may intensify when bending and lifting the baby frequently. 

Although most of these pains will be dull, some will be sharp and very painful for the mother. With a hot mat, it is possible for you to get instant relief from this pain. Heating therapy works exceptionally well for people who have Postpartum back and knee pain and its effectiveness is much more than other therapies.

How can CoolMa Hot Mat help?

Hot mats available at CoolMa are really safe and easy to use as we sell the best mat for heating therapy. It is especially safe for women to use after pregnancy because we make sure we provide you with these mats in their best shape and we also provide a manual handbook so that it is easier for the mothers to handle and use the mats by themselves. These mats have been tested and certified to be safe and effective by our existing customers. CoolMa hot mats are available in many varieties according to one’s needs and these mats have been very effective not on body pains but also contribute to relaxing the mind. 

Our jade stone hot mat comes with many healing properties and this makes it very popular among our customers. These are much more affordable than the hot mats you will find on the other websites and the quality is top-notch so you will surely be satisfied with your purchase.

CoolMa has been one of the most popular sellers of heat therapy mats and we are experienced with years of expertise in this business. Our services and product quality keeps our customers tied to us as they put their trust in us. Our heating therapy mats are long-lasting and are available at a very affordable price. We let our customers avail themselves of the options of Cash On Delivery and we replace the product within 7 working days if any kind of problem arises with it. However, we assure you that our heating mats will come to you in the best condition. 

We would proudly like to mention that we are one of the oldest sellers of heat therapy mats and bio mats in India. Hence, we have been entrusted by thousands of customers. We provide our customers with services even after the purchase as they remain our priority. You can get your heat therapy mat from us today and get rid of all the post-pregnancy problems. Head to our official website and get yourself a heat therapy mat at an affordable price today. 

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